Monday, October 29, 2012

Lego.Land (I)

So I had got to go to this place, not even Universal Studio in Singapore I ever thought of going even I have been living in this small country for 4 years. I went to this, it was an outing with my dad, and my sister's family, my niece and nephew longed for sitting in a car made by bricks, Lego bricks which they do not even play with, but we bought the tickets and stepped in to their unfamiliar land :)

It was crowded under hot Saturday!
Show for kids, good for parents to rest under shaded place 
I spent long time queuing to buy tickets, so I killed some time on taking these

This girl who prepared the tickets for us, happened to be neighbor of my sister, I found the name tag so  cute :) would love to have one

These tickets are like achievement, put aside the RM500 that we spent getting them, the feeling to take up a long queue under hot sun and finally got them was awesome

My nephew took a 30 minutes queue for a 5 minutes boat ride was  brave :P This is a pic he stood looking at other people riding boats, I guess the thing that you waited long enough, they become the best (or at least look the best ever) when you finally got them

My lovely niece was the victim of the day (in my own opinion) as there was nothing much in that Land brings any memories to her, nor any good game that she was allowed to play due to height limit, luckily she was easily satisfied by food

I will post some pictures on things that fascinated me in Legoland soon :)

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