Sunday, October 30, 2016

Half Marathon completed at 2hours 6min - Newton Challenge 2016

I was so surprised that I just completed the half marathon by record of 2hours and 6minutes.
I knew that I could finihsed the race within 3 hours but I had never done or practice by my own for a 21km run, I did not expect I could finish the race this fast.

I think the thing that surprised me was that I did not pause until the 15k of the journey, for few minutes then I continue the run. The most challenging part for me was the last 3k which I paused for many times, I could obviously feel my body was tired especially my legs, they were sore. If only I pushed myself harder, my record should be within 2 hours.

But there is no complaints for my first official run. I should leave some room for improvement in my next run.

Keep it up Celtryan!!

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